Friday, 24 February 2017

Time for a new home ...

My tiny caterpillars have been growing quickly.  I have had to rehome them in bigger containers.  Here are some of the caterpillars in each of the three batches four days ago.  They are all still looking very similar to each other.

And just for comparison, there's a 5p coin with the zebras here, so you can see how small they still are.  Although there are three different varieties, I think I'd be hard pushed to tell the difference at this stage just looking at the caterpillars.

Anyway here are the caterpillars now, what a difference in just a few days.  The darkest ones are the ones that are the high-yielding silk variety (blancos), but they probably won't be dark for much longer, as these are quite pale when they are big.

Above are the zebras, and this time the 5p coin is with the "green" caterpillars.  There is quite a variation in the sizes of the little caterpillars, just a couple of days' difference in the hatching time is making a big difference in their current size.  

Friday, 17 February 2017

Tiny Babies ...

Not the best photos, as these caterpillars are so small, but here goes.  I've put the paper with the eggs attached in with the food as there were so many small caterpillars to transfer, it was easier to let them walk off the paper and onto the mounds of food.  The last remaining eggs may hatch yet. 

The caterpillars are already a range of sizes, even though all of these hatched within a space of four days.  Already the first batch are much bigger and paler in colour, than the newly hatched caterpillars.

Here's a close up, where you can see the smallest ones still look quite dark.  All the little dots of green on the tissue are the droppings.  There are plenty of them and that's a good sign, it means there is plenty of eating going on.  These little caterpillars should grow quickly. 

This next photo is a bit blurry, but it shows how busy those caterpillars are.  Their job for the next few weeks is to eat and grow.  At the moment, the caterpillars of all three varieties look much the same, but as they get bigger, the differences should become more obvious.